Research(er) Visibility and Impact Project Webinar Series

From the Faculty of Health Sciences Research (University of Pretoria)

Most researchers are evaluated based on their publications, as well as the number of citations their publications receive. One of the key ways to increase citations is to expose the research output to the widest possible audience. Publishing a high-quality paper in a scientific journal is only the half-way point in receiving citations in the future. The rest of the journey is advertising and disseminating the publications by using the proper “Research Tools”. Citations to an article strongly depend on the article’s visibility, rather than its merit. Researchers spend plenty of time and effort on writing their research for publication, however, most researchers stop their work after publication. Dissemination and archiving an article is an essential phase of the publication life cycle. There are tools that help to improve research visibility and impact. Effective use of these tools, which will be elaborated on in this webinar, can result in increased visibility and, thus, improve paper citations, sequential research impact, and university ranking (Ebrahim, N.A., Thuynsma, H., Tshetsha, V., van Wyk, J., Matizirofa, L., Mashamba-Thompson, T.).

The topics include:

  1. Open Access Scholarly Communications Series: How to Improve Research Visibility and Impact
  2. Transformative Open Access Agreements: A Response to Scholarly Publishing
  3. Research Information Session – Research Visibility & Impact
  4. Open Science Engagement