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Who is eligible to sign up on the Thuso Resources platform?2023-04-26T12:14:11+02:00

Thuso Resources is a resource toolbox for emerging academics from all of South Africa’s universities. If you have completed, or are completing, a postgraduate level degree (Masters or Doctorate) and are lecturing or a researcher on the academic path at a South African university or research council, we recommend that you consider registration.

Why does registration take longer?2023-04-26T12:21:22+02:00

Thuso Resources is a project aimed at supporting South Africa’s early career academics. To ensure that each participant meets the criteria and that we are indeed advancing early career academics, your institution must confirm your status.

Who is participating in the project?2023-04-26T12:25:38+02:00

There are several partners: DSI, USAf, DHET, and all public universities of South Africa are participants, contributors, and beneficiaries.

Where does this project originate from?2023-04-26T12:28:27+02:00

There are several partners: DSI, USAf, DHET, and all public universities of South Africa are participants, contributors and beneficiaries.

How do you keep this project relevant and supported by academics with interest?2023-04-28T16:26:19+02:00

The establishment of the Advancing Early Career Researchers and Scholars (AECRS) Programme Advisory Committee ensures that stakeholders and experts are guiding the Thuso Projects.
Another outcome from the emerging scholars’ report is that a community of practice should be established. The Community of Practice for Postgraduate Education and Scholarship (CoP PGES) provides a community of scholarship and practice that supports the national higher education sector in postgraduate teaching and learning, training and support for supervisors and enables collegial interaction between peers. The Cop PGES are part of the advisory committee and is consulted.

Who can contribute to the resources?2023-04-28T16:29:11+02:00

Anyone is welcome to submit contributions that will support emerging academics in South Africa. All submissions made are reviewed by a content review committee before uploading to the platform.

Can I access mentorship on the platform?2023-05-15T10:41:25+02:00

Thuso Connect is the mentoring platform. Mentors and mentees from the 26 universities are eligible to register and the platform will partner participants with the highest likely success rate. It can be one or more matches made for you to explore. The platform offers guidance on how to be a mentee and a mentor, managing the relationship, setting goals, and much more. This platform is under development and will be launched soon. Visit the website here –

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