Evidence Synthesis Research (ESR) Methods Webinar Series

From the Faculty of Health Sciences Research (University of Pretoria)

Evidence synthesis research (scoping and systematic reviews) methods are modern and transdisciplinary, allowing for identification, selection, and combination of results from multiple sources. These methods are useful to identify gaps in knowledge and establish an evidence base for best-practice guidance. We have recently introduced a strategic project focused on raising awareness of evidence synthesis research methods to help with bridging the gap between researchers and policymakers, improve research productivity and reduce research waste.

The topics include:

  1. Introduction to Evidence Synthesis Research Methods – Part 1
  2. Introduction to Evidence Synthesis Research Methods – Part 2
  3. Database search
  4. Screening Q&A
  5. Screening & study selection
  6. Sharing Good Practices in Completing an Evidence Synthesis Study as part of a PhD project
  7. Evidence Synthesis Research: Meta-Analysis & Meta-Ethnography
  8. Measurement of Agreement and Data Extraction
  9. Scoping reviews
  10. Kappa & Data extraction Q&A